Friday, January 14, 2011

There are always art in every little things

Hello people!

You've always wonder. What brings the world happy and alive right? And of course, they always say the people all around makes it alive and the ones that is growing and going to be build. But that's not all right? Of course, ART brings the world go around. And feel free, happy and brilliantly alive. But only some of them can realize it. A touch of art, a touch of colors, a touch of every single drawing. Pictures. Paintings. Fashions. Icons. It is all a touch of ART. Like for my entry today, its about this Japanese designer called Yohji Yahmamoto. He teamed up with a team named Dr. Martens. He designed some of the Dr. Martens boots. And it looks so extraordinary. It looks so nice. It looks so alive. So amazing. And it looks like a pair of boots with a tattoo on it. That's why I said, there are always an art in every little things. Even a single thing. Take a look at the boots that he designed. 

Aren't it lovely? It looks extremely nice right? Like I said, it looks like a boot with a tattoo on it. I looks so real and fine. I'm loving it. And I am loving Yohji Yahmamoto. And of course I am loving Dr. Martens. So lovely. So brilliant. And so creative. Bravo!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hello people!

This may sound a lil funny. But then its interesting. And I was shocked to know about it. Well, when I was at my mother's room the other day. I saw my niece watching the TV. A TV show of course. Some artsy fartsy going on the show. It looks cool. So she told me it was a show where he create something from the things that we don't use anymore. Sort of, something from your garage? Your basement and so on. Its cool though. I'm loving it somehow. And I never had that kind of idea before. He has like a zillion ideas. And I just can't find a little reason to don't like his show. I'm sure his gonna be filthy rich out of his show. LOL. You guys should watch it. Or google it. Its fun. You can try some. And now I am currently waiting for something that is simple and nice to try. So cheers people! Good luck with the Artzooka! Have a nice day! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pablo Picasso

Hello again people!

Oh my God. This is surprising. Pablo Picasso is the best student among all. Well, he was born on the 25th of October 1881. I never knew that. Thanks to Wikipedia. And my eldest brother has the same birthday with him. Back to the story. And he was born at Malaga, Spain. The reason I'm telling and writing about him is because I love his fine arts and quotes. It gives me such brilliant ideas. And again he is the son of an art and drawing teacher. No wonder he can draw so well right? Hm. He was a brilliant and bright student. He passed the entrance examination for the Barcelona School of Fine Arts at age 14 in just one day and was allowed to skip the first two classes. He was like so young and he managed to go for the School of Fine Arts. I bet he can already draw professionally by that time. In 1937 he already created his very own landmark painting that is Guernica. Which it is a painting of a protest against the barbaric air raid against a Basque village during the Spanish Civil War. How I wish I can see his paintings real life. Mamamia! Guernica was exhibited at the museum of Modern Art in New York until 1981. It was transferred to the Prado Museum in Madrid or Spain in 1981 and was later moved to the Queen Sofia Center of Art, Madrid in 1992. 
Well this is sad. He died in peace on 1973. I wasn't even born yet. How can I find his painting when I'm like stuck in the small country of here in Malaysia. Haha. See, this is my entry for today and for me to share with you guys. So have a nice day and enjoy reading. Even though its just a simple and a short story to tell. Cheers! Take care x x


Assalamualaikum and Hello People!

Definitely, a quote for today. Have fun..

"When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes.  But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!"
- Ted Grant


Levi's Bintang Mega Mall, Miri
Taken and edited by, Me

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11 January 2011

Assalamualaikum and Hello people!

Any interesting ideas to share with? If so, come and tell me. Let's share our ideas together. From photography to quotes and to arts. Share it all to me. And we'll see how. Either I can share it out to you or you can share it out to me. It will be great that our ideas can move around. I spread it out for you and you spread it out for me. Who know's we can be famous? Not just by being a celebrity, but then we can also be famous to what we've done by photography, by making a nice quotes and by making some arts and crafts. I would be glad if you wanna cooperate with me. So cheers people! And fellow readers! I will be waiting. :DDD