Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hello people!

This may sound a lil funny. But then its interesting. And I was shocked to know about it. Well, when I was at my mother's room the other day. I saw my niece watching the TV. A TV show of course. Some artsy fartsy going on the show. It looks cool. So she told me it was a show where he create something from the things that we don't use anymore. Sort of, something from your garage? Your basement and so on. Its cool though. I'm loving it somehow. And I never had that kind of idea before. He has like a zillion ideas. And I just can't find a little reason to don't like his show. I'm sure his gonna be filthy rich out of his show. LOL. You guys should watch it. Or google it. Its fun. You can try some. And now I am currently waiting for something that is simple and nice to try. So cheers people! Good luck with the Artzooka! Have a nice day! 

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