Friday, January 14, 2011

There are always art in every little things

Hello people!

You've always wonder. What brings the world happy and alive right? And of course, they always say the people all around makes it alive and the ones that is growing and going to be build. But that's not all right? Of course, ART brings the world go around. And feel free, happy and brilliantly alive. But only some of them can realize it. A touch of art, a touch of colors, a touch of every single drawing. Pictures. Paintings. Fashions. Icons. It is all a touch of ART. Like for my entry today, its about this Japanese designer called Yohji Yahmamoto. He teamed up with a team named Dr. Martens. He designed some of the Dr. Martens boots. And it looks so extraordinary. It looks so nice. It looks so alive. So amazing. And it looks like a pair of boots with a tattoo on it. That's why I said, there are always an art in every little things. Even a single thing. Take a look at the boots that he designed. 

Aren't it lovely? It looks extremely nice right? Like I said, it looks like a boot with a tattoo on it. I looks so real and fine. I'm loving it. And I am loving Yohji Yahmamoto. And of course I am loving Dr. Martens. So lovely. So brilliant. And so creative. Bravo!

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