Friday, March 4, 2011

Google Chrome Themes

Hello again Blog..

Hey. I've been looking for new themes for my Chrome. And then, I saw something that looks like this "New! The Google Chrome Artist Themes experience >>" I thought it was a new site for you to choose more themes and so on. And suddenly, it straight away brought me to YouTube. And I was like      -_________-. But I did not ignore it. I wanted to watch it too. And I began to say " Oh My God. Is this for real?! ". If you guys wanna know what that thing is, just follow this link. ------> GoogleChromeThemes. The best video ever on YouTube. Hell yeah. 

Artsy Fartsy

Remember. Tattoo is also an art. Bare that in mind. ;)

Edgar Mueller

Edgar Mueller is the best. I was speechless when I first saw his arts and drawings. Not just a normal drawing where you draw on a piece of paper or on walls. Its on the floor or maybe on the streets and roads and so on. They are huge. Real huge. The best I've seen so far. Take a great look at his drawings. 

Its not even ready yet.

This is simply the best. 

Loving this one so much!
He's good right? I know. I just can't imagine where he got the idea of doing this. 



" I didn't choose photography. Photography chose me. " - Gerardo Suter